I grew up seeing people who lived in huts, starving and without medical treatment or drinking water. I used to wish I possessed some magic or that I had a Genie I could call upon, so that I could change this world. Slowly, however, I realized the magic was indeed in me and that everyone has same magic. The key to creating change is to combine that magic. If we were to combine our magic, we would be able to change this world. With the writing of this book, I am trying to combine the magic we all have within us and for that I need your help and efforts so we can make this world a better place and put a real smile on every face.

For my first step, I need good financial backup. I believe we could make a good Bollywood film and build a hospital with £7-£8m; if we try to make a Hollywood movie, it might cost ten times more. I would like this film to be made in a few languages at the same time, especially in English, but it all depends upon contributions and backup received, so for the time being, I will stick with the Bollywood idea. As soon as I have the support and at least half of the above amount backing this project, I will proceed. I need support without any religious restrictions, as my goal is to help anyone who needs help.

Our skills and efforts should not be restricted to only one place either: we live in India, Pakistan, England, or any other part of world; it should be for the whole world. Bringing a smile to every face is difficult, but not impossible. As soon as we have a good response, this project will be registered as a charity.

If we find at least another 4,999 individuals and businesses (5,000 including me), who could contribute a minimum £100.00 a month for 12 months, at the end of a 12-month period, we will have over six million. Of course, people can contribute less or more, and even more people could join in anytime. From that six million, at least five million will be used to build the first hospital, etc. I was also thinking about a gymnasium where people could go to exercise. They use a lot of their energy, but how much we make use of that energy? Why can't we connect gym equipments with the work place to use that energy? Well, this is just an idea for a later date. The first building will be built either in Pakistan or India and the rest will go to make the movie expenses. From that 4,999, we will choose five members who could work part or full-time on this project. One is myself, and one from a media group, totalling at least seven members. Interest received from this money will cover the expenses of search, advertisement, wages, and any rent. We will go to India and Pakistan to explain about this mission. We will also try to sell promotional products like clothes, stickers, etc, which could advertise this mission and help to advance our project. Also, try to join few super markets. But, big organizations will only back us up; if we could show them we could do something ourselves.

Again, this mission is not restricted to any one country, either India or Pakistan, but the whole world, wherever needed. For a starting point, I chose these countries because both India and Pakistan have all the Bollywood art and also need this sort of mission to stop misunderstandings. This mission is not restricted to any religion, as we won't be promoting any religion, showing which one is good, etc. In my eyes, all religions are basically the same, and it all depends upon an individual's understanding as to what they want to learn.

What advantage will those have that contribute their efforts? Their names would be shown in the film, at the end, showing contributions as well as in the film wherever possible. Also, telephone books with advertisements will be made, to show who is contributing and how this project is doing.

Everyone can see the world is going to the negative side more than the positive. We have to do something soon, if we don't do something similar like this, then one day we will be suffering and there might not be any help received from outside, or worse than that, there might not be anyone left who could help us.

We have world games, Olympic games and other games, where all the sportsmen and sportswomen get together; also millions go to watch them from all over the world. Why don't we start similar things for charity? If the same quantity of people gets together in one place, we can achieve anything.

To those who are involved in the film industry: I will need their help to make this idea into a proper script, and other film activities, including cameras, operators, screenwriters, etc.

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